What Is An ACE Aircraft?

ACE stands for “AirMart Certified Edition.”  It is a Certification we give to an aircraft, only after a thorough 22-point inspection of that aircraft performed by our team of Aircraft Mechanical Professionals.  The following 22 items are inspected:


1) Airworthiness Directives search.

2) Airframe & Engine Logbook.

3) Cylinder differential compression test.

4) Oil filter cut open for inspection.

5) Flight controls for skin cracks/hangar rash/hail dings.

6) Tires for condition and wear.

7) Brake pads/linings for wear.

8) Brake discs for minimum thickness.

9) Condition and Age of Ship Battery.

10) Alternator charging and functioning.

11) Fuel tanks for leaks.

12) Engine for oil leaks.

13) Full power run.

14) Prop cycle and de-ice/anti-ice system.

15) Alternate induction air and/or carb heat.

16) Ignition system for smoothness, RPM drop and Differential drop b/t mags.

17) Landing Lights, Nav Lights, and Strobes checked.

18) Spark plugs for condition and wear.

19) Hose age & condition.

20) Firewall for evidence of wrinkles.

21) Landing gear attach points for evidence of hard landing.

22) Cable tensions for control surfaces.

Airmart Ace Aircraft

DISCLAIMER: While these inspections are completed to best of AirMart’s ability. There are areas of the aircraft that are not able to be inspected due to their inaccessible location. AirMart does not warrant or guarantee any of the items inspected and no additional warranty for parts or labor is included. AirMart is not responsible for the nature, brand, or quality of any replacement parts installed prior to inspection and used by prior owners or operators of the aircraft. All aircraft are purchased subject to the terms and conditions of your separate purchase agreement. AirMart cannot insure against any fraud or misrepresentation that may have occurred prior to AirMart’s inspection. The inspection is conducted on a specific date and time. This inspection is only a snapshot at that specific date and time. When the aircraft is flown again after the inspection, any individual part or item’s condition can change from the date and time of inspection. The likelihood of such changes increases the longer the elapsed time between the inspection and date of purchase.

Experience Matters

We work hard to maintain our level of aviation experience through continued education, employee training, aircraft specializations, and flight time so you can feel confident about who you are doing business with.  


We Inspect What Matters Most

Airmart Ace Aircraft
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