Sell your aircraft to AirMart and let us work to save you your most valuable asset, your time. Closings in less than 5 days, no hassle, and we can come to your airport. 

Talking to potential buyers about your plane may sound like an enjoyable task. The reality is getting a buyer from inquiry to close is work. A lot of work. Don’t let the process of selling your plane turn something you love into a time-consuming chore. A professional broker like AirMart will do the heavy lifting for you.

Step One

The way to realize the most profit from your plane's sale is to price it correctly from the beginning. Start too high, and qualified buyers will make offers on more realistically-priced planes. Start too low, and you'll leave money on the table. An invested broker, especially one who buys airplanes for inventory, understands the market's nuances and trends. They see beyond the numbers of a desktop appraisal to move your plane at its true value

Step Two

What is your time worth? On average, it takes 12 contacts with one qualified customer to guide them to a sale. AirMart will save you time by weeding out unqualified tire kickers and Sunday afternoon curiosity flyers who will thank you for your time and never call you again.

Step Three

Having a neutral party managing your transaction can keep all parties focused on moving forward with the sale instead of getting sidelined by emotionally-driven details. An experienced aircraft broker smoothly and equitably moves the transaction through each stage to a happy closing for everyone

Step Four

Working with the right aircraft broker allows you to step into a proven advertising machine that is already in motion. A seasoned broker like AirMart will have a well-established brand and a marketing staff dedicated to ensuring your plane is seen in all the right places.

Step Five

Many aircraft buyers are also owners looking to trade. AirMart can take an aircraft on trade increases the number of buyers who can purchase your plane, especially when a trade and purchase happen simultaneously

Step Six

A well-written purchase agreement is an essential part of an aircraft transaction. It protects both parties and can be the difference between a successful transaction and a painful experience. Working with the right aircraft broker gives you access to an agreement that is concise, up to date, and regularly reviewed by legal counsel.

Finish Line

You made it to the finish line! AirMart started you on the right foot, cleared the hurdles, and smoothed the way for a successful sale


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