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AirMart provides quick access to listings for thousands of small planes for sale as well as salvage aircraft, parts, and accessories. All types of new and used small planes and light aircrafts, including jets, turboprops, pistons, light sport aircraft, business jets, piston and turbine helicopters, piston and turbine amphibious or floatplanes, and experimental or homebuilt aircraft, are available for purchase on AirMart.

Navigate through our user-friendly platform to discover not your dream airplane. With AirMart, your aviation aspirations, whether you are a pilot, manufacturer, or a passenger; connecting you to a world of possibilities in the realm of small aircraft ownership.

1978 Cessna U206g Stationair Forsale Airmart (1)


AirMart stands as your dedicated partner in the seamless sale of small planes, offering a comprehensive platform designed to elevate your aircraft selling experience. Our commitment to excellence begins with quick and easy access to thousands of potential buyers actively seeking small planes for purchase.

Speaking with possible customers is a difficult endeavor. Don't let your wish of selling your small plane become a time-consuming task instead of something you enjoy doing. Expert brokers such as AirMart will handle the labor-intensive work on your behalf and help you with connecting buyers. Here is how:

AirMart brings to the table Industry Expertise

AirMart brings years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry and aircraft sales to the table. Specialization in small planes ensures a targeted approach tailored to the unique needs of this market.

AirMart conducts the necessary Market Analysis

AirMart conducts the necessary comprehensive market analysis regarding engines, models, brand, performance, design, and more to determine the optimal pricing strategy. We utilize real-time market data to ensure competitive yet realistic pricing, attracting potential buyers.

AirMart gives you Global Exposure

AirMart leverages a wide network and online platforms to give your small plane global visibility. We help you with your sale online in a professional manner, all the while keeping your specific needs in mind. We utilize strategic marketing to showcase your airplane to a broad audience, increasing the chances of a quick sale.

AirMart indulges in Professional Marketing

AirMart creates high-quality marketing materials, including detailed listings, professional photos, and compelling descriptions. We enhance the appeal of your aircraft, capturing the attention of potential buyers and making a lasting impression.

AirMart offers Skilled Negotiators

Skilled negotiators at AirMart work on your behalf to secure the best possible deal with regards to the cost for your aircraft. We balance your interests with the buyer's expectations, ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement.

AirMart provides Legal Guidance

AirMart provides expert advice on legal and regulatory aspects, ensuring compliance with all necessary requirements. We assist with the preparation of contracts, title transfers, and other documentation, streamlining the legal process.

AirMart provides end-to-end Pre-purchase Inspections

AirMart coordinates and facilitates pre-purchase inspections to instill confidence in potential buyers. We would address any concerns raised during inspections transparently, and hence foster trust.

AirMart offers Personalized Client Support

AirMart offers personalized support throughout the selling process, keeping you informed at every stage. Our dedicated professionals are readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

AirMart Professionally Closes the Deal

AirMart guides you through the closing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer of ownership. We will handle paperwork and logistics, minimizing the administrative burden.

AirMart offers Post-Sale Assistance

AirMart continues to provide support even after the sale is complete. We assist with post-sale logistics and offers guidance on transitioning out of ownership.


Selling a small plane is a complex process that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Whether you are an individual looking to sell a private plane or a business seeking to upgrade your fleet, there are several crucial points to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

2000 Cirrus Sr20 Forsale Airmart (11)


AirMart ensures that all aircraft documentation is up-to-date and readily available. This covers logbooks, title paperwork, maintenance records, and any pertinent certificates. Possessing well-organized and comprehensive documentation will inspire trust in prospective purchasers.

Condition and Maintenance

An aircraft that has been well-maintained is more likely to draw purchasers. We at AirMart prioritize regular maintenance and any required repairs before listing the aircraft for sale.

Professional Appraisal

AirMart will undertake a professional appraisal to determine the fair market price of your aircraft on basis of its model. An appraisal by a qualified expert provides an objective assessment and can be a valuable tool for negotiations.

Legal Considerations

AirMart ensures compliance with local and international regulations, and work with aviation attorneys to handle contracts, title transfers, and any regulatory requirements.

Pre-Sale Inspection

AirMart allows serious buyers to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. This would build trust and confidence in the condition of the aircraft. We are transparent about any issues discovered during the inspection and be open to addressing concerns.

Closing the Deal

AirMart works with prospective buyers to finalize the sale agreement and coordinate the necessary paperwork for the transfer of ownership. We ensure a smooth transition, and if needed, provide training or assistance during the handover process.


Numerous buyers are looking for their next aircraft on AirMart. Here is why we are the first choice for many:

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  • We are Fast! Put up your small plane or general aviation aircraft for sale in just a few minutes.

  • We are Safe! We have a team of skilled professionals ready to help.

  • We are Affordable! Sell your small plane online with a basic package customised on basis of aircraft model, brand, category, preferences, and more.

AirMart stands out as a trusted partner for individuals looking to put up their small planes for sale. Our comprehensive approach, industry expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction make us a valuable ally in the aircraft selling process, ensuring a successful and stress-free transaction. We understand your responsibilty as the owner of general aviation aircraft and we strive to meet your expctations by bringing our expertise to the table.