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2012 Cirrus SR20

The Cirrus SR20 set a benchmark in the field of aviation industry. It seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with a sleek design and unmatched performance. It offers a smooth flying experience for the seasoned pilot or the aviator who sets out to conquer the skies. The Cirrus SR20 is also the first aircraft in the GA (General Aviation) sector to be equipped with a parachute that helps it lower the airplane safely even during emergencies.

The major selling point of Cirrus Sr20 is Garmin Cirrus- Perspective avionics suite. Earlier models of Cirrus SR20 were fitted with an analogue instrument panel and a 10' MFD (Multi-Functional Display). Post 2008, the company introduced the concept of dual screens. The screens were either 10 - inches or 12- inches. One was the PFD (Primary Flight Display) and the other was the MFD (Multi-Functional Display) with Beringer brakes. Ciruus was also a pioneer in the use of Glass Cockpits when they made Avidyne Entergra PFD mandatory. Cirrus aircraft also holds the honour of introducing the concept of side-stick flight control.

Cirrus has the distinction of being the first aircraft to hold the European Aviation Safety Agency certificate for any aircraft imported into the European Union. Cirrus introduced the SR20 G2 in 2004 and SR20 G3 in 2008. They were differentiated by the airframe modifications. The G2 was with the fuselage and the G3 with landing/gear changes.

Other advanced features introduced by the other Cirrus aircraft include the 60/40 flexi-seating arrangement. This allowed the 3 people to be seated in the rear. First offered as an option, this was mandatory from 2013. Further enhancements included Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced avionics, new landing lights etc. Cirrus is equipped with CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System).

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Salient Features of Cirrus SR20 Aircraft

Comfortable Interior

The Cirrus SR20 has a spacious and ergonomic cabin. It is designed with ample legroom and plush seating that offers comfort to passengers even during long-haul flights.

Easy to operate

Its intuitive controls and easy-to-use interface provide easy operation and navigation. The aircraft design and technology make it easy for seasoned pilots as well as newbies. Tubeless tires offer a soft buffer for landing.

State-of-the-art avionics

The Garmin Perspective + Avionics seamlessly integrates into the in-flight experience offering enhanced situation awareness, navigation, and weather reports thus increasing efficiency and safety.

CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System)

A groundbreaking safety feature is available in all other Cirrus aircraft now. A large parachute is deployed at the time of emergencies thus ensuring passenger safety at total time.

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Key Metrics of Cirrus SR20

Engine Model

Lyooming IO-390- C3B6



Load Capacity

1028 lbs (469 kg)

Base Weight

2122 lbs (960 kgs)

Max Cruise Speed

155 KTAS

Max Operating Altitude

17,500 ft (5,334 m)

Stall Speed with Flaps


Variants of Cirrus SR20

Right from the day of its launch, Cirrus SR 20 with all composite construction that protects it against structural failure. Cirrus Aircraft has introduced many variants with improved specs and enhanced stability protection.

Cirrus SR20

The original model introduced in 1999

Cirrus SR20 G2

Improved variant introduced in 2004 with Avidyne Entegra avionic

Cirrus SRV

Brought out in 2004, it was targeted for low-end private ownership and low rates of flight training ownership. Since it was for a low target audience at low rates of transition training and total time, it omitted certain key features and the model was discontinued post 2010.

Cirrus SR20 G3

A huge improvement, it was introduced in 2007. This version had improved aerodynamics, redesigned main landing gear, new LED lights, higher tail and ground clearance, and improved heat and ventilation with factory air conditioning along with S-Tec autopilot.

Cirrus T-53A

This was specifically created for cadet transition training in the United States Air Force Academy. These included the Garmin Perspective + avionics as well as airbags and seat belts.

Cirrus SR20 G6

Cirrus SR20 G6 amps its power game with the introduction of the Lycoming I-390 engine with 215 hp. Enhanced Perspective + instrument panel with 10 times processing speed, enhanced electronic stability protection, new all-LED exterior lighting and a useful load increase.

Cirrus TRAC

Introduced in 2019, this was specifically built for in-flight training. A simplified, durable interior, Lycoming engine, Perspective + deck, Garmin flightstream, multifunction display, rear push to talk and stimulated landing gear controls.

Points to be Noted before purchasing Cirrus SR20

  1. Pre-purchase Inspection

    It is vital to run a pre-purchase inspection before purchasing any aircraft. This saves a lot of trouble as there may be an underlying problem whose repair may run into thousands of dollars.

  2. Engine Hours

    It is imperative to take note of the number of hours the aircraft has logged. The closer the engine is to its recommended time between overhauls, the less its value. Equally important is the consistent use along with good maintenance. Regular use keeps seals and components lubricated and in good shape.

  3. Equipment health

    The equipment like air conditioning, flat panel avionics, air conditioning and interior air conditioning equipment. The older the instruments, the more expensive it is to maintain.

  4. Airworthiness Directives

    Airworthiness Directives are issued by the FAA and the owners are required to have standard equipment to comply with the compliances. It varies as per the directives of the FAA.

  5. Damages

    The total time and extent of the damages also determine the price of the aircraft. It is important to know the damage history and whether the repairs are carried out as per the FAA guidelines. The premium paint job can sometimes hide the corrosion. It is not limited to just one portion of the aircraft but rather the entire aircraft .The other point to be noted is whether the aircraft is having one owner.

  6. Warranty and Finance

    When purchasing an aircraft, look thoroughly at the flexible term financing options available for the purchase and sale of the aircraft. The purchase and sale agreement should contain all the terms and conditions of sale along with the warranties in force.

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