Aircrafts for sale

Aircraft for sale encompass a wide range of flying machines. Many categories of planes range from single-seater to luxurious aircraft to commercial airlines. These aircraft for sale serve various purposes, from personal travel and leisure to business endeavors and cargo transportation. The aircraft market for sale is diverse, catering to different budgets, preferences, and operational maintenance.

Aircraft are purchased by private individuals, corporations, aviation enthusiasts, and businesses seeking to invest in their transportation needs. There are various models available with lucrative financing options. In recent times, there has been an increase in the market demand for financing for private planes.

Types of Aircrafts

Various types of aircraft models available for sale at Airmart include


Founded in 1932, Beechcraft has a rich experience of servicing the aviation industry. They offer general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft. The company now provides turboprop and piston models for aviation enthusiasts. It offers King Air, Denali, Baron, and Bonanza versions. The manufacturer is based in Wichita.

2006 Beechcraft G58 Baron Forsale Airmart (11)


Owned by the same company that owns Beechcraft, Cessna has the most diverse and rich history when it comes to aircraft manufacturing. With innovations and turmoil too thrown in the mix, Cessna has remained a crowd favorite among general aviation enthusiasts.

1978 Cessna U206g Stationair Forsale Airmart (1)


A global leader in global aviation, Cirrus is credited with introducing a host of innovations in the aviation industry. Known for pioneering innovations like glass cockpits and parachutes for aircraft, Cirrus has been the top choice for aviation enthusiasts.

2016 Cirrus Sr22 G5 Gts Forsale Airmart (17)


Diamond is a Chinese avionics manufacturing company with headquarters based in Austria. Diamond D42 Twin Star is the first Diamonds twin-engine category and was primarily used in ariel surveillance. Though not as popular as the other model aircraft, they do have their fan following.

2007 Diamond Da40xlt Forsale Airmart (10)

Piper Cherokee

It is a family of two-seater or four-seater light airplanes primarily designed for flight training, air taxi, or personal use. It uses a single-piston engine, with low-mounted wings and a tricycle landing gear.

1974 Piper Warrior Forsale Airmart (4)

Points to be considered before purchasing an aircraft

An aircraft is a big investment for any individual or entity. There are a lot of points to be considered before purchasing an aircraft.


  1. Condition

    The major point to be considered before purchasing an aircraft is the condition of the same. The buyer should check the airworthiness of the aircraft. They should calculate the overhaul and the recurring maintenance cost of the aircraft. The buyers should check the claims that will be covered by the manufacturer and whom to contact in case of claims.

  2. Age and Flight hours

    With extensive options available on airplanes and numerous listings on Google, it is important to know the age and flying hours of the plane. The engine's condition, the location of the airplane, and on-site service options should be considered under the listings.

  3. Avionics and Technology

    The seller must make full disclosure of the avionics and the technology used in the aircraft. The price varies according to the technology used in the aircraft. Upgrading older aircraft with the latest technology also influences the buyer's decision. The search for refinement and upgrade is the main search criteria of the buyers. Google offers featured listings of popular aircraft that buyers can search for.

  4. Purpose and Capacity

    Before choosing a model, the customer has to evaluate his purpose and capacity. He should consider if he will use his airplane regularly. As there are many categories, he has a wide range to choose from. Is he going to use it for his transport, cargo transportation, or even corporate jet services? The range, capacity, and amenities should align with the client's requirements.

  5. Maintenance and Service History

    The clients should undertake a thorough study of the maintenance and service history before the sale of the aircraft. They ensure the aircraft's health, compliance with safety regulations, and potential for future upgrades.

  6. Price and Financing

    Aircraft prices vary depending on the type, age, condition, and specifications. Before purchasing the aircraft, buyers should check the price and financing options available. Several Google sites provide several listings. With several models with different engines available for sale, Airmart is foremost in connecting buyers to their requirements. With several listings, Airmart offers many aircraft to sell. Connect with us for your aircraft needs.

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